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Story about us

Every child is unique and beautiful! Each little angel has their own personality and style! I realized this with my amazing little one, Raymond! He is resilient, a true little warrior. What we call SAVAGE these days! He slays everything that he does with style!


A little bit about RAY; 

I have always been an extremely independent female. I was a work acholic that truly could use some work-life balance. I waited a little while before starting my beautiful family and finally found out in 2019 that I was pregnant. Completely ecstatic, I wondered if I would be buying blue or pink. I got the blood test to find out the gender as early as possible! At 12 weeks I got the call that I was having a boy, right before they told me it looks like he may have down syndrome. My heart dropped and it literally dropped me to my knees in tears. Looking back, I feel so guilty now, but as a first-time mom I didn’t know what the diagnosis meant. I had no clue what to expect and wanted my baby boy to have a normal and easy life. Fear only comes from the unknown and until I educated myself on his diagnoses, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t anything to be scared of. So throughout the pregnancy, I did endless research and became familiar with what the diagnosis of down syndrome meant. Only to find it meant nothing more than an extra chromosome and a beautiful soul! 

My son is the joy of my life and is just like every other phenomenal baby with his own accomplishments and milestones. He is a ball of crazy energy and shines so much light with his own little style and flare! 

Children’s style is usually limited to dinosaurs, soft fuzzy animals, or princess crowns. They’re all amazing and cute, but not for everyone. Here came the idea of RAY! 

Giving baby Ray the legacy he deserves and other children all over the world to be able to express themselves and their true personalities!

RAY is a brand that gives your kids freedom to showcase their unique trendy style and let their personality shine bright just like Baby Ray. 


Rise above yourself! 

Down Syndrome awareness